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Faith Baptist Tabernacle

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We are a body of believers committed to:


  • Exalting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through Biblical preaching, singing of hymns and corporate prayer.

  • Encouraging one another in love through fellowship and service.

  • Equipping the saints through practical teaching and discipleship.

  • Expanding the Kingdom of God through local and world-wide missions.

  • We stand fast in our belief of the Virgin birth of our Lord, His sinless life, His dying in our place, His Burial and Resurrection, and His soon returning for His church.


We are a church that celebrates the family and delivers our services in a family integrated format. We are a church that seeks to promote the Lordship of Jesus Christ in all things. We are a church that calls its people to follow after God in obedience and holiness in daily living. We are a church that loves the Bible and promotes The King James Version as the purest text for our use today.


We invite you to join with us at any service.